Energy The First Requisite for Women in Business Traveling the Road to Success

To achieve more success through balance requires huge amounts of emotional, mental and physical energy. Finding that energy and more importantly sustaining that energy is a constant challenge that we, women, face in successfully jumping over the daily hurdles in our travels on the road to success.

Having a written action plan is probably the best way to sustain the energy that we need as women. When that plan is based upon the Life Wheel, we can construct achievable goals to keep ourselves infused with a constant stream of energy.

The written goals within this plan should be balanced just like the tires on a car. When the wheels are balanced and aligned, less energy is used and greater performance is the result. We discover that jumping over those hurdles is easier because we know where those hurdles are.

To keep the energy flowing, we must be mentally and physically engaged. Our physical health is critical to our personal success. This is why the physical and mental aspects of our lives counter balance each other.

Energy is just not relegated to our physical and mental health, but to our purpose and ethics and beliefs. When we engage in activities that we know are against our purpose and contrary to our ethics and beliefs, we lose energy.

Sustaining and creating energy is more often than not about not losing energy. The recent publicity about the movie The Secret and theory behind that movie The Law of Attraction, is very much about energy. When we are with positive people and think positive thoughts, our energy is both sustained and created. However, when we think negative thoughts and associate with negative people our energy is substantially reduced.

Too often we allow time to dictate our behaviors. We need to plan for down time so that we can those moments of personal reflection that usually increase our energy.

And, we need to make time for those activities where we can be with other positive people who provide us with sustainable energy. What this really boils down to is a choice. The better you choose to plan your life, the more energy you will have.

And if you are not convinced by these words, then listen to the wise words of someone who failed many times:

The first requisite for success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary. – Thomas Alva Edison