How Women in Business Can Thrive in a Down Economy and Help Get the Whole Thing Back on Track

Right now, as I’m writing this, the U.S. economy is in the toilet… still. People feel defeated. They feel afraid. For the first time in decades people are wondering if the next generation is going to be worse off than the current one.

It’s a frustrating time. But it’s also exciting because more than ever women are ready to think big. They’re ready to be invigorated. That’s what the Badass Business Women movement is all about-giving you a great big jolt of adrenaline that leaves you with no more excuses for sitting still. It’s time to DO something.

Women can turn this economy around… just look at the numbers from the Marketing to Women Conference.

  • Women make 85% of consumer purchases.
  • 91% of new homes are purchased by women, 67% of computer purchases, 92 percent of vacations, four fifths of all healthcare purchases, 65 percent of cars, 89 percent of bank accounts opened, 93 percent of food purchases, and 93 percent of over-the-counter medications… all transactions handled by women.
  • In the next decade women will control two-thirds of all wealth in the U.S.
  • Women start 70 percent of new businesses.
  • 79% of women willingly support other women-owned business.

That adds up to a driving force in the economy… and we need that. But it isn’t just in down times that the world needs more Badass Business Women. It’s in the up times, too. Fully-engaged, fully-realized women running businesses, making innovations, and providing insights and ideas is always a good thing.

We’ve come so far in the last century, but there’s still a distance to go. There’s still a gap in the value society puts on work done by women versus work done by men. Only 2% of the world’s billionaires are women.
We’re ready for the next step forward. When women really embrace themselves and their potential… when they bring their creativity and approach to problems into the workplace… when they lead with a grace and energy that doesn’t leave any room for self doubt, we’re going to see big changes in the professional world and the economy.

We don’t just want to see more women in business… we want to see more Badass Business Women: women who know themselves and what they have to offer, who bring out the best in others, and who are confident, ambitious, creative and compassionate.

You put yourself on track to being a Badass Business Women by doing three things…

First, take an hour or an afternoon or even a whole day and make an appointment with yourself. Go somewhere you can think without being interrupted and then think about what you really want from your professional life. Come up with a solid idea of where you want to be in three years and from that, formulate a specific goal.

Second, write your goal down and then create a task-oriented plan to achieve your goal over three years. Set objectives and target dates. Make task lists to achieve the objectives.

Third, go public with your goal. Let people know what you want to do, especially those people in your life that go one step beyond supporting you and who actually challenge you to be the best you possible.