Inspiring Women in Business

Although women have come a long way in the business field in the past fifty years, the vast majority of business people (approximately 85% in 2008) are still men. Catalyst, the not-for-profit New York-based women’s research organization, performed a study in 2009 and discovered that in 1998 11.2% of corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies were women; this percentage rose to a peak of 16.4% by 2005. It has since fallen, and in 2008 it rested at 15.7%. Although this is progress, at this rate, it would take 40 years for the number of female corporate officers to match the number of male officers.

Fortunately, there are women who have played a significant role in industry, and continue to invest in businesses and become entrepreneurs in all fields. There are women in business who have achieved great success, made millions of dollars, and have strived to make the world a better place.

Leslie DeeAnn, owner and co-founder of the Trivani Foundation and Trivani International is an incredibly successful entrepreneur and a prime example of a strong business woman. Leslie DeeAnn started her first company, an industrial chemical business, in the 1970s and was soon supporting over 20 salesmen and manufacturing over 400 chemicals and products for some of the largest hotels, restaurants, universities, and grocery chains in the western United States. After having researched the use of the chemicals her company was producing, she was appalled at how many toxic and harmful chemicals were being placed in everyday products such as cosmetics, household cleaners and personal care items. This mis-use of chemicals motivated Leslie DeeAnn to form a new business in hopes of spreading the message about harmful, toxic chemical ingredients in common consumer products.

In an effort to educate the public and provide a solution for families, in 1987 Dee and her family started a new business in the network marketing industry making safe, effective personal care products. By 2000, Dee’s company was competing with the major companies and bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars. Dee was honoured as the first woman to be featured on the cover of Tycoon Magazine. In 2006, Dee sold her company and decided to devote her energies to creating a revolutionary new type of philanthropic venture, one that turned consumption into compassion. Dee and her sons built the Trivani Foundation which supports humanitarian projects all around the world. All of the financial backing for the foundation comes from the sales revenue generated by Dee’s new line of eco-friendly, toxin-free personal care products and nutritional products-all backed by Dee’s “Do No Harm” guarantee. The business side of this operation is known as Trivani International.

Trivani International’s multi-level marketing structure gives people an opportunity to build a prosperous income for themselves while helping to generate significant funds for charitable giving. Dee and her sons have created the world’s first Purpose Marketing┬« company. Not only is Leslie DeeAnn a successful business person, she is also concerned with women and children’s issues, and she encourages other women in business. Her charitable organization is dedicated to helping save children around the world, and also donates money to women in low income countries so that they can start their own businesses and generate incomes to help provide for their families.

As a leader in business, Leslie DeeAnn encourages women to reach their full potential. The Women’s Information Network (WIN) recently asked Leslie DeeAnn to be one of the inspirational speakers at their International Convention in Los Angeles, California. Trivani is the official corporate sponsor of the event which encourages women to “Be the Change” in their own lives and act as an inspiration to other women as well.