Marketing Confidence – Go From Shame to Fame With 5 Winning Traits of Successful Women in Business

Over the years I’ve met a lot of success-driven multi-passionate women in business online who are frustrated. They desperately want to master their marketing. They want to take action and do the things they know they need to do to grow their business but they are stuck. And the prime saboteur much of the time is SHAME.

o about the look of their website (or not having one);

o because of their growing to-do list;

o because of incomplete projects (launchitis);

o because they’re scared and procrastinate;

o because they don’t know what to do first or next;

o because they can’t figure it out on their own;

o because they feel like a fraud;

o and so on… shame, shame, shame!

Shame in any of its forms sabotages confidence and forward momentum.

How do you successfully market yourself online if you secretly don’t want people to see your website?

How do you solidify your expertise when info products are incomplete or you have “launchitis” and are scared to go public with it?

How do you share YOUR passion in an authentic way when you’ve been “modeling success” after celebrity gurus sacrificing the life and business YOU really want to have?

How do you get new clients when you feel like a fraud?

And so on…

So the REAL shame is how these limiting beliefs and barriers create a less than desirable reality and results. And until the shame goes away it will continue to be a barrier to success.

The good news is the transition from shame to fame can happen fast!

Here are five common traits successful women in business online share in common. They are essential to winning the shame game and are easily adoptable. If shame is holding you back it’s time to try these on for size!

1. Clarity: What is YOUR definition of success? What do YOU want your life and business to be like? What is the difference you make for your clients? What are your specific goals – short term and long term? If you could wave a magic wand what would you change about your business? Do you have a clearly defined description of your ideal client? Do you know how to find them? What is your revenue goal? How do you plan to achieve this? And so on… I could ask you questions all day to help you gain clarity. When is the last time you thought about these questions? When is the last time you actually wrote this down? Do it now. Get clear in an as many areas as you can.

2. Believability: Belief is the bridge between our dreams and our dreams come true. Do you believe you can be successful? Do you believe in the difference you can make for others? What does your inner voice tell you? Is it keeping you stuck? Recognize that your “inner critic” that voice within you is trying to keep you playing small and safe. Statistics show that more than 80% of our self talk is negative. Begin to realize what is truth and what is self-preservation. Just this one step alone will increase your believability which will allow you to stretch your comfort zone which is where our goals and dreams live.

3. Originality: How do you stand out? How do you do things faster, better, easier than others? Do you allow your personality to shine through your business or are you “buttoned-down” and “reserved”? What is your fresh approach to solving the biggest problems your ideal clients are facing? Are you taking a cookie-cutter approach when you create or are you being innovative and unique? One of the biggest personal revelations I’ve had in my business was the day I woke up and realized that the companies, products and programs I had created didn’t come from originality they came from comparing myself to others. Originality fuels passion. Comparing and copying sabotages authenticity and confidence. Be Original. Be You.

4. Conviction: What do you do that no-one else does? What is your claim to fame? What is your expertise? What is the promise that only you can deliver? Successful women in business online define it and claim it. They declare it and share it with passion and certainty.

5. Tenacity: Successful women in business online are tenacious and driven. They have a level of persistence that borders stubborn. They do whatever it takes and they don’t give up easily. They go the extra mile. They constantly explore how they can do things bigger and better and faster than others. The next time you feel overwhelmed or want to put something off, remember this quality of tenacity and do it anyway!


Take out a pen and some paper. Note: Self-honesty is essential.

1. Spend time on each trait questioning and brainstorming how you can incorporate them into your business.

2. What specific actions do you need to take to infuse them into your business?

3. Is there a specific area that you need to work on most? What is it? Who can help you with that?